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Do you need a cake delivered in the Chicago area?

USABirthdays.com  offers  nationwide cake delivery service with personalized cake deliveries to the greater Chicago Area. Do you know someone in Chicago with a special occasion just around the corner? This time why not have a birthday cake delivered to  them in Chicago, Illinois? Order a cake online and put a smile on their face. Guaranteed.

How our unique delivery service works:


Select their favorite cake.


Customize their cake flavor, design, and message.


Choose their delivery date.


Their favorite cake is hand delivered with a smile!

Our full service cake delivery includes:


A baked-to-order, personalized, bakery gourmet cake.


"Surprise" confirmation with your recipient regarding best cake delivery time and date.


Friendly cake delivery from the local bakery.


Like people, no two cakes are exactly alike.
This time, send them a one-of-a-kind gift with their favorite cake today! Have a look at the cakes:





Cake Selection: 8" Round White Cloud 
Cake Theme: Festive - Seasonal Colors

Cake Selection: Full Sheet Cake
Cake Theme: Elegant - Floral Design
Our Mission is Quality

We provide you with the freshest possible cakes available today in the USA from the finest local gourmet bakeries in the country.

Made in the USA

Each time you order a hand delivered cake at USABirthdays, you are supporting the local Chicago, IL bakeries in every part of the city. Every time you order, you provide these local bakers with business that normally would not otherwise be there. A few additional cakes a month, is a few extra dollars for these local business owners  to reinvest in their local economies. We pay our Chicago bakers well to provide you with the best service available.


Let us do all the busy work...

We know you are busy, and may not have time to find a reliable bakery in Chicago, and one who delivers. No worries. We know our cakes! Just take a quick minute to choose the cake you want to send and personalize it. We will make sure  their special delivery happens on their special day. Ready? View our cake selections:


Cake Selection: 8" Round 2-Layer Cake
Cake Theme: Festive - Floral Design

Chicago Cake Delivery - Because everyone deserves a cake on their birthday!

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